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FRequently asked questions

1. What is Cabaret Noir?

Cabaret Noir is a stage show inspired by the cabaret shows of London and Paris, bringing the idea of vintage circus to life on stages across Europe and North America. Our show combines the glamorous art of cabaret and burlesque with the breathtaking vintage art of old school circus performance.

2. When do doors open?

Doors usually open 1 hour before the show starts - you will find the exact time of doors opening on your ticket or the event page.

3. Is there a bar?

Most of our venues have a bar available either before or during the show.

4. Is the show seated?

Yes, Cabaret Noir takes places in seated theatres and concert venues.

5. Is there a minimum age?

Yes, all our shows are min. 18, while country specific restrictions might make the minimum age higher at some shows. You can find the exact minimum age of a specific show on the event page.

6. Can I take photos at the show?

Yes! We love to see your pictures and videos from the show, so shoot away!

7. What kind of show is Cabaret Noir?

Cabaret Noir is a cabaret show, combining burlesque, circus and dancers for an unforgettable night out.

8. Can I hire you for my private or corporate event?

Yes! We have a large roster of performers and produce all sorts of events and are excited to hear your needs for entertainment! Feel free to reach out to us on